How I’m here

Well I say I start this as a response to a bit of a 2017 resolution to be learning, but this active learning time actually started 2 months before during last November. Around that time I stopped my studies and was short of work on my full time job. I was taking a break from playing Starcraft II arcade and browsing around mini games in Kongregate when I found the games development forums. I saw a stickied post on creating html5 games and decided to follow it a bit for fun. From there, I decided I wanted to bring myself into making games instead of playing computer all day like I have been for around the past 20 years.

I don’t have any programming background, although I am a business student and I surround myself with creative and entrepreneurial people. I picked up some html, css and WordPress basics as well as being encouraged to draw despite not having any solid foundations with my friends. I’d come into game development with the experience of gaming a bunch and being a bit of a dreamer when it comes to a bunch of ideas from manga, anime, light/web novels and games.

At that point, I spent about a month reviewing html, css learning Javascript going through Codeacademy for about 1-2 hours a day (Incidentally I also started an exercise habit during this time). In December, while lurking the forums, I saw the Game in Ten days contest, I challenged myself to participate without really committing online. I found myself using even more free time (5-6 hours/day) going through multiple game tutorials on html5 games using pure javascript code. However, when I actually try to make something on my own I find myself unable to really combine individual concepts I’ve learnt and couldn’t follow through on making the project. This made me go through even more basic Javascript tutorials on khanacademy and other sources. I also took some time to learn Git and started out setting up and trying the Phaser framework.

As of that point I’ve been going all free, I think I’m able to invest a bit into learning so I got the Zenva 15 mobile game development course with Phaser on Stackskill (30$) and gone through about half of it. That’s about where I am now. I’m about to go through some separate individual projects while continuing to work through learning modules to reinforce my learning I hope this works out.

(Funny I typed this roughly twice considering I lost my first draft by not saving DOPE!)