Starting the Journey

Heya, this would be my first post just to get myself started I’d like this to reflect a bit of my challenge for this year in 2017 with the theme of learning. I hope to be able to put something on at least a weekly basis. I have a whole lot of ambitions when it comes to learning things but I will set my first part with computer gaming. This is what I’ve put for kongregate so far:

  1. Learn more game design & development alongside the Phaser framework
  2. Join several GiTD lets say 3+
  3. Publish a game in Kongregate and get it past judgement with 3+
  4. Consider taking up other languages and frameworks
  5. Get much more involved in different developer communities. (Does anyone here use something like discord here? I’d like some game development group chats from the community here)
  6. Related but probably not gonna be used immediately, I’d like to work on my drawing skills and hopefully be able to use them for games.

I’d have many other things I’d like to take part in, but lets see how this goes.