Where to Start

Well, I’ll mainly use this place as a good place to review my progress when I have the spare time, I’ve already done a lot of separate tutorial learning that’s all over the place. But I’d probably want to focus mostly on my experiments and basic foundations that I build upon.  I’ll put my starting point from after I learnt the basics of html, CSS and Javascript. These are still only past the beginner stage but at least it got my foot in the door from completely nothing.

I would like to start from my initial struggle with Phaser and my understanding of its basics. Right from the very start I was struggling with setting up Phaser which you can find instructions on the Phaser Website. It actually took me a long while trying multiple different options (tried the cloud too) and to figure out how to set up a localhost (I eventually used wamp), then took a detour on learning Git despite just directly downloading the phaser.js files and putting it into projects I want to use it on. It is interesting to note that after learning Javascript in codeacademy and khanacademy and a feel pure code projects I was still figuring out how to organize the html and js files together.

The very basics of getting Phaser going could also be found on the official tutorial.  Some basics to understand is the Game States with its methods init, preload, create and update which organizes and simplify a lot of functions. Phaser also include powerful tools with some built in arcade physics you can implement and change and simplification on listening for inputs which is also very compatible with mobile game development. I guess I won’t go into specifics as that can be found in the tutorials themselves, but hope to share experiments and observations as I work on them.