Starting a Project

Alright, I have been passively learning throughout my free time but as I’m not quite used to discussing my learning process I haven’t written anything here. As of this point in working with the 15 mobile games development course, I’ve gone through the first 6 up to the PvZ clone alongside the one on town simulator and point and click. I’d like to put some of what I’ve learnt to use, so I hope with the Game in Ten Days #62 I’d get a chance to do this. I’d prefer to use what I have learnt and try to find new assets to create my own game. My general idea concept as of this point is to work with a infinite runner game where jumping on platforms would produce different sounds while collecting items that would make the player grow and speed up the game. The main thing is to get this project going so I’d have to start some plans which I’ll probably update further down. Once again though I find myself at an impasse with how to go through this planning process.

I’m making this game with the Phaser framework, I’ll try to get the core game made first before I move on to other additions such as menu, game over etc.

Main Ideas:

Player mechanics: Jumping is probably the only input according to time pressed with a max jump distance due to automatic running, the player will grow as items are collected

Platforms: Still deciding on Random or hard coded platforms Рwill need object pool to save memory regardless. The platforms will move towards the player while the player moves forward to create the illusion of movement, being on the platform should produce sound

Items: Still deciding what would be a good idea to use to instigate the characters growth (food?), and possibly other items and power up modifiers if I have the time

Sound: How will the platforms vary based on height or other factors, still need to explore which assets to use and if it can be coordinated to make some tunes

Arcade Physics: The necessary collisions and gravity as well as the player running/platforms moving, a lot of this process will be simplified by the use of Phaser

Some other considerations:

I might consider keeping it black and white for a simple minimalist feel with the theme modifier. As I’m relatively new a lot of the code will be based on what I’ve learnt directly from the web course and other tutorials I follow. I’m not sure on some coding best practices, but I’ll try to structure it in a similar way to how I’m learning things so far. I doubt I’m going to create any assets, so I’ll have to look around what free resources I can get.

Throwing some additional ideas if I have the time:

A score system/distance traveled

Enemies and special obstacles

Additional power up and maybe things simply for score

Implementation of some story and background on the menu/before the game starts

I’ll probably follow up soon with a general plan and progress updates if possible.