GiTD #62 Progress Update (With Pictures!)

Although I should totally be sleeping after a day of school and work, I’m having too much fun with making my game today (Well I started midnight it is the next day…) I haven’t been able to devote much time due to life keeping me busy and my brother distracting me with his computer gaming, but today I tried to stretch my limits and implemented several mechanics into my Game in Ten Days project apart from my original tutorial that I was following.

I vaguely had a few things I wanted to get done today and I went beyond it. Initially I just wanted to finish up my tutorials and work on sounds and assets. I didn’t quite get to the sounds but I’m definitely having a lot of fun with creating my own assets which I’ve never done before. For simplicity I decided to follow along the black and white modifier, I used the tutorials sprite sheets sizes and drew over my own thing with paint (lol). I couldn’t find a blob/monster sprite sheet I wanted so look what I made 😀

The Player Character

After I finished up the tutorial on game over overlays with a few of my own modifications then managed to make my own growth and game speed mechanic which I’m testing with. Although, I probably should use some more variables rather than hard coding everything based on the growth rate variable, I’m having a tough time organizing and keeping code clean. As a whole though things are working and I’m testing around with it. The game is basically already playable, but I want to work up more things on the sound aspect with more items to interact with.

Just a basic runner game

This weekend will be the time to get things done, it’ll be very busy juggling it with work, assignments and a midterm coming up though.  I’m still very far off from being remotely competent with game making but this little project has been very encouraging for me to keep exploring new things, learning and practicing.