GiTD #62 Reflection

I didn’t really work much on my GiTD project towards the end due to school, I called my day off work yesterday just so I could prepare for my midterm and to finish an assignment, but I ended up procrastinating quite a bit on both my studies and the game making stuff since I couldn’t focus very well. I messed up on the midterm today regardless and still have some things I need to do for homework. Anyways, that’s enough rambling about life, I want to write about my projects and hobbies here.

It was nice seeing other people’s entries for GiTD, I’m still a bit behind on my game making but I think it’s not that bad. I still feel encouraged to keep trying and slowly get to work on more complex games. My current plan in mind is to spend my spring break on the next February GiTD which is coming quickly. Between that time, I’d like to learn as much as I can on my Phaser game development course with the intention of finishing it this month.

So… reflection on GiTD#62…. I still feel fairly restricted by my JavaScript skills which I’ll need to continue to practice on. One particular thing is implementing classes for the itemPool that I wanted to create. I wanted to use a class constructor that can create a group of items that can be run through multiple parts of the code to make it easier to make a lot of items. I just couldn’t get it going and ended up rolling back the additions I was planning to make. I vaguely had the idea to either have it as a constructor or to read an array of sorts but I just have no idea how I was to implement it as I had to have its uses be all over at different parts of the code. I might get back to that sometime. The other part I struggled with was practical game debugging, I more or less am getting better at catching syntax errors and fixing when it reads outright errors for me. But I can’t seem to catch the error for when the game runs and I can’t find why the character was getting stuck. I have several suspicions but I wouldn’t know how to fix it anyways. I mainly suspect that it has to do with the fact that I’m growing the sprite and the collision is read improperly but that would go into Phaser’s source code itself, the game still runs anyways though.  The other issue with the glitch was that it happens on some computers and not on others apparently so wonder if there’s other specifications I could change. Anyhow, the next GiTD is coming up very soon and I’ll have much more time to spend so lets see what I can make next time.