GiTD#63 Submission Progress Report

Although, I haven’t completely finished, I’m still glad I worked hard over the past 10 days on this project. As of this point, the game is takes about over 2000 lines although I wouldn’t really notice when I wrote it in Twine. This was a great chance to practice trying different tools and to actually write out a different kind of logic in making a text based interaction fiction game. I think I did go a bit overboard trying to make a lot of the system. I followed this tutorial as the base of combat and watched a few basic videos for Twine. It wasn’t even written for my story mode which requires a different syntax.  It’s kind of clunky how i wrote everything through mostly if/else statements but this way I could really articulate my thoughts and get myself going. I’ll try more proper approaches next time.

So I thought I’d give an overview of what I did day by day from my last post:

Feb. 15 – I couldn’t get as much done due to practicing for my drivers road test and work. I didn’t even start until midnight technically the next day. I went on to refine the combat system and added the second character and the enemy class creation function.

Feb. 16 – Another busy day where I took and passed a road test to finally get my full drivers license which was long overdue, then had work again. Same thing started from midnight and I added the ability for the second character to get hit, combo attack and the speed accuracy hit rate system.

Feb. 17 – I had some appointments in the morning then went on to meet a friend who I asked around about my game design idea and he added a few inputs like my favorite -> The Lightning Chicken. There was also a few ideas for dungeon design and random events although I couldn’t put too much in. Well, I was somewhat on a creative block so I went ahead asking a bit on the forums for some more ideas and how I was going to approach the story to put this all together. When I got home, near midnight yet again, I implemented the fusion part of the combat system and started adding a few additional enemies for the game.

Feb. 18 – Doctor and dental appointment took half my day away and I wasn’t feeling too well but I still got myself working away. At this point, I could start to feel the pressure with how much I haven’t completed. I decided to work on a bit of the game mechanics of the story. I revised a bit of the locations to be visited based on discussions from the previous day. I also added the training system, starvation, and use of medical supplies which were just useless stats sitting around before. Unlike the previous days, I actually slept earlier while brooding what I should write for the story itself.

Feb. 19 – This was my full on work day, right from waking up I started implementing the introduction part of the story. I also spent most of the day adding much more enemies and design how the dungeons function. I also had to write out the win conditions with the codex that were to be acquired from bosses. I was also trying to smooth over the overall game play experience while writing the final ending all the way until 5am.

Feb. 20 – I only worked a last little bit of debug and tried a full game play through with like a hour before I went to school. Even without reading the text it still took me around 20 minutes just to beat what I made. After my submission, I plan to relax a little from this project and come back to it after voting for the contest is done. I want to spend some time reviewing my html/CSS and still have two school exams coming up.

So if you want to give the game a try as it is right now it’s here:

One of the locations is incomplete but I just threw the quest item at the entrance so the game is playable from start to finish. Hope for some feedback so I can continue to improve it when I get back to it. My writing for the end was done when I was brain dead at 4-5am so I’m sure that could need some help.