General Update

Just want to catch up what I’ve been doing over the last little while since my last post. Several school exams and assignments are keeping me busy this past little while and I’m taking a bit of a change in direction for what I’m learning for the time being. I went to start up Free Code Camp to improve my html, CSS and web development skills which should be useful for my overall knowledge. I’m currently still stuck on the first project while looking through other sources to design the tribute page it asks for. I find that despite going through the basics of html and css, I still have not much practice with applying them and will probably need a lot of work with it. Another thing I want to do over this next little while is to finish up the game mechanics and overall story of my previous Wasteland TextRPG. I’ll probably touch up the CSS of it in the future too if I can. I am probably still going to be busy for now and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll probably start up the next project with another GiTD and after that maybe go for a bigger gameĀ on my own or work through more FCC tasks.

Additional Update: For the time being, I’m still going through multiple reviews on the html/CSS side, but I have been able to progress a good bit on the game development side. I made some changes as according to some previous suggestions replacing experience value and just put it all as energy costs while also increasing the fusion energy strike to 20 energy. Meanwhile, I also worked on increasing the viability of single combat by allowing Ezinora to take the combo strike instead while adding a new energy strike for the player character (Makes sense for Triple Energy Strike to be from the fusion then). This would take a lot more energy management as trade offs. I also fixed a few bugs as I went through a full play through. I’m still not sure if I want to add a supply search specific option as food tends to stack up over time anyways. I’m thinking of quickly adding a convert food to energy option as well as maybe try to implement the difficulty over time through day count. The beginning of the game is hard but it gets rather easier and easier as you up the stats. Finally, I also added the training combat sequence for upgrading Ezinora. I will still have to work on the unfinished map and am still considering how I can modify the entire combat balance. I think the RNG is simply part of the game no matter what and it’s not too far off.

Edit: Game Considered Finished: Play Here