Just being busy

This month is going to be a very busy month, I just passed my 25th birthday recently with a bit of a party while catching up with some friends that I haven’t met for a long while. School’s also picking up with more exams, assignments and term projects as classes would end this month. Work also went a bit crazy when I have to take more shifts to help an injured co-worker. In the meantime on the learning side, I’m taking a bit of a tangent after basically finishing up my previous text RPG. I’m going through yet another major review session and trying to learn HTML/CSS again through Free Code Camp. I’m horrible when it comes to design, Bootstrap is new to me and I am very weak with HTML/CSS as a whole. I went through one project without really finishing it: https://codepen.io/Sylphion/full/dvyrar/ while skipping to practice Javascript again in preparation to maybe get back to game development again later. On the side I’m also starting to experiment with some music making which I’m simply following tutorials and thinking up melodies for now. Due to the busy schedule, if I do make something, it’ll probably be something much simpler. I do hope to join in the GiTD and get something done though, it would mean achieving my 3+ entries goal for this year. I imagine I’d take a break and maybe get into bigger projects on my own after that.