Still Alive~

Alright, I’ve been dead for blogging lately, I’m still going through a lot of things with school and work. Since I’ll be off school for the summer, I’m applying for several volunteer commitments and possible jobs to keep myself active alongside my personal learning. I tend to fall out of track when there’s no commitment that keeps me to some weekly schedule. I’m still reviewing and learning some website making basics at a snails pace. For the time being I doubt I’ll engage myself in any game projects and focus on web development until May. However, if I get bored I might use some of my free time to experiment with things.

Lately, I’m trying to get back a little into the music side when I want to sit away from the computer by practicing the piano. The funny thing though is I find some of my fingers are hurting with typing the keyboard and playing the piano probably as an aftereffect of heavyweight lifting involved in work. I still have a few game making modules I want to go through but that’ll have to come after more web development practice or maybe when I want to practice more on the Javascript side.

So far I think I’ll be busy until late April after my exams. May should be relatively free with my current part time job and maybe a bit of volunteering. While for June I have a trip to Europe planned. I’m currently in the process of sorting out what to do for July and August although I have a few things in mind. I hope I can get a lot done throughout this period and will probably have more specific goals outside of school stuff set up soon.