Still Learning

Although exam times are getting really near, I have still been spending my time reviewing my basics with HTML/CSS and Bootstrap. I have more or less gone through that again and probably want a project before I leave off with it. I still haven’t really got a good idea for how I am approaching this project, but I want to work on an initial version for my personal portfolio website. While I haven’t started that, I got back to learning JavaScript again and am almost done through another module that’s helping me understand it better yet again.

I keep struggling with certain concepts and am slowly improving around the object oriented thinking and working with the DOM. I could keep doing what I am doing, but at the same time I am sort of getting bored at times. So another option I would consider would be to get a project started for Game in Ten Days again. Those usually get me pretty enthusiastic and involved. However, that would still depend on the themes selected on the 14th. If not, I could still try for other projects that I haven’t really think up for now.

On another note, I am not focusing on my exam studies very well and I am also simultaneously doing job search with bits of┬áprogress yet I am still behind on writing some of the cover letters. My two core courses will be tested on the 11th and the 12th with a minor one on the 19th, hope I’ll do alright.