Preparing for more activity

There were some exams that kept me busy over the past few weeks but that’s finished now and I’m just waiting for my grades. I did mention I have a few things lined up for the summer but at the same time I should be a lot more free without school. So with that availability, I would like to get into the practice of blogging more. I tend to blog whenever I feel like it and have time, however, I think I will try to actually try to do it more on a regular basis. I’m not sure when and with travel and everything coming up my schedule will change once again but for the next month or so I’d like to be a lot more active and posting a lot more.

For the last bit of time since my last post, my individual learning outside school has been working solely on improving my programming skills mostly with JavaScript at the website WatchandCode. This was a well structured course to review my basics again with a different approach from how other courses I have taken. It teaches by concepts and programming practices rather than the direct coding we usually go through with online courses. I’m going further on for a run with the paid premium after a fairly positive experience and it gets much more challenging with learning to read code and working with more advanced skill sets. I hope to be able to track my progress with this further on.

Right now for personal projects, GiTD#65 is up and running again although a bit late I might brainstorm and make a separate post about it once that gets going.