What I’ve been Learning.

I haven’t posted what I have been doing, but I have been devoting a lot of my time into learning programming concepts through JavaScript in WatchandCode Premium lately. Since, I was going to pay and subscribe for an online course I wanted to make the best use of it. It definitely has taken me quite a lot further than the other places I have been learning so far. I get to delve deeper into concepts and internalize my understanding much better. By joining premium, I also joined a very serious like minded community who are also learning how to code with opportunities to discuss and pair program. I have found that being mentored by the more advanced students and mentoring newer students have both been conducive to my learning. This process of gaining proficiency is a matter of process and time, and you try to make the most of your process.

Specifically, after the Practical Javascript which covers the basics of Javascript step by step, it takes a huge leap in difficulty in order to help students navigate a more intermediate stage through challenging students to read code and learn the debugger. The course starting with ToDOMVC jQuery is initially extremely confusing, but after spending some time you will clear a lot of your confusions which indicates that you’re actually learning a lot through challenges you’re uncomfortable with. After the initial series, it goes into introducing testing and it demonstrates the value of taking a methodological approach in both analyzing and building applications. This is done through illustrating the concept through rebuilding the array methods forEach, filter, map and reduce through testing.  I have just finished this section so far and I feel much more empowered into learning from reading source code then building with tests.

I’m currently still finishing up the Test Driven Development series and skimming the next part about improve codebases in the Simple Test series. It starts covering some additional concepts with the call stack and event loops in understanding JavaScript and I heard that we will dive deeper again in the final longest AccountJS series. The process of learning has been able to build on each other as the course has a well designed balance of introducing new concepts and the force reinforcement of what we already learnt. I am feeling much more empowered and can’t wait to start applying the skills I acquired over this past few weeks. I hope to reach the end of the series before I head out traveling in Europe and eventually get to work on my own projects again.